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Infinity between zero and one

How many times does the number 1 go into the number 2?  Answer: 2

How many times does the number 0 go into the number 1?  Answer: infinity

Zero is a concept.  Zero is a thing for consciousness to ponder and creatively apply.  Zero is, perhaps, the most fundamental of the concepts.  Zero gives One meaning - One gives Zero meaning.  Any one thing exists because of its contrast to zero thing.  Being Conscious of both Zero and One entangles them together in an uncertain fashion, as partners.  The partner concept is the two concept...then the three concept follows, etc, etc, leading to an infinite number of concept things.  This is the infinity between zero and one.


Zero to One is like a qubit of consciousness. 


Two Standard Binary ARV (Associative Remote Viewing) is the approach that we and others have successfully used for many years to intuitively gather some information from the future.  This approach seems to be limited to a 55% to 65% long-term Hit Rate of the Winning Side on sporting or financial predictions with even-odds.  The objective of this protocol, which is an outgrowth of the 1ARV protocol, is to permit groups of viewers to reach a long-term Hit Rate of 80%.

In a standard ARV prediction, there is one coordinate, one transcript and one Target, usually a photo.  There are also two “possible targets”, one associated with Over and one with Under;  the actual Over/Under Winning Side outcome of the game then determines the actualized Target with the other possible target being discarded.  WE is similar to doing two standard ARV predictions, but with a twist.  In a WE prediction, there are two coordinates, two transcripts and two Targets.  The twist is that instead of associating each possible target with Over or Under,

For example:

This approach is designed for the viewer to do her/his own viewing, analysis/judging and feedback.  The viewer is in charge and fully responsible for the WE personal prediction.  In the WE protocol, the focus is on increasing each viewer's precognitive capabilities using their own intention, attention and expectation.

In addition, we believe in the power of the group as well.  Multiple viewers are generally involved in making the actual “group prediction” that is used for wagering.

WE Protocol Example and Philosophy

The best way to learn WE is to do it!  The example below describes the online approach.   The WE perspective is briefly discussed, then the example, and then we urge you to join an existing WE group or start your own group.  If you have any background in remote viewing, WE is easy to learn...just do it!


WE Precog Perspective

The protocol is based on a simple view of precognition; namely, that information can be viewed as flowing both forward and backward in time.

Precognition demonstrates that information can be obtained from the future.

When you consider both directions for flow of information, it is as if events occur "Outside of Time" or are in a kind of "Eternal Time".  The information from before, during and after the Event are all available now ... any time:

With this perspective, the issue for successful precognition is one of communication...communication between FB and RV Sessions.



The WE protocol uses an email and internet-online approach that begins, in normal linear time, with the Group Manager (GM) sending an email to the group pointing them to an online page where each viewer simply supplies their email address to receive their 2 personal coordinates (also called Transcript Reference Numbers).  Each coordinate is associated with a unique Target.


These 2 coordinates are associated with the 2 Sides of the Event Outcome that is being predicted. The computer randomly sets which coordinate is associated with each Side.  A Target is randomly chosen from a target pool after you submit your 2 transcripts via the internet (the upload instructions are on this same page).  This Target is associated with the "Winning Side (WS)" - the possible outcome that will later (in linear time) become the WS Outcome.  Thus, precognition is the only way to get a good match between this WS Target and its associated coord/Transcript.

This Winning Side Target is then used by the viewer to analyze and judge her/his 2 Transcripts versus this Target - this is the twist.  Note that the other Target, called the "Other Side" (OS) Target, has not even been chosen yet.  All that is known is that it will be different from the WS Target in some important (obvious) way.  When viewing, to maximize your Hit Rate, describe those aspects of each Target that will make it easy for you to distinguish the Winning Target.

So, after uploading your two transcripts, you will then receive your Winning Side Target.  In our example:

The 0 - 7 Confidence Ranking (CR) approach we use was developed at SRI - a CR of 3.5 or more indicates that the viewer believes the match is wisely wagerable.  Once you enter your CRs and click the SubmitCRs, your data is saved and available to the GM.   You are done with your personal prediction.  The PCR, by viewer, is being tracked and may be a valuable indicator for both the viewer and GM.

The GM will evaluate all the viewers' data and then send out an email with the Group Prediction.  The Group Prediction is primarily analytical.  As more data is accumulated and analyzed, we expect to become more analytical, accurate and reliable with our Hit Rate.  There remains, and perhaps will always remain, an intuitive aspect to the final Group Prediction, because often the results are mixed, as below.

In this case, the Group Prediction was a Hit.  The email includes a link that provides personal viewer FeedBack based on the Outcome.

This link provides the FeedBack for the Winning Side Target and the Other Side Target.

Here is the Other Side Target FeedBack along with that coord/Transcript.

Note the comment boxes.  These are saved in a data base, as is all the other data, for use by the viewer and GM.  A primary motivation of WE is to provide these data for the learning and ever-improving precog abilities of the viewer and Group Manager.


Join Us in Applying Precognition

The WE introductory webinar, which is where much of the above material comes from, may also be of interest to some.  The online protocol is user friendly taking you through the steps one at a time.

If you would like to do some predictions using WE, or if you would like to start your own predictive group, contact This protocol is part of the Applied Precognition Project.

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* Over/Under Total Game points.  Over/Under refers to the 2 Possible Outcomes or “Sides”.  Sportsbooks will establish the Total Points, or O/U Line, for the Game.  They will take Wagers either Over or Under that Line.

** We thank Jeffrey Mishlove for permission to use his Rainbow YinYang Artwork