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Infinity between zero and one

How many times does the number 1 go into the number 2?  Answer: 2

How many times does the number 0 go into the number 1?  Answer: infinity

Zero is a concept.  Zero is a thing for consciousness to ponder and creatively apply.  Zero is, perhaps, the most fundamental of the concepts.  Zero gives One meaning - One gives Zero meaning.  Any one thing exists because of its contrast to zero thing.  Being Conscious of both Zero and One entangles them together in an uncertain fashion, as partners.  The partner concept is the two concept...then the three concept follows, etc, etc, leading to an infinite number of concept things.  This is the infinity between zero and one.


Zero to one is like a qubit of consciousness. 


Two Binary ARV (Associative Remote Viewing) appears to have two significant flaws.  Binary ARV is the approach that we and others have used for many years to intuitively gather some information from the future.  The flaws, which become quite serious for long-term applications, are:

While statistically significant results have been obtained using binary ARV, we feel 1ARV can dramatically improve the long-term precognitive Success Rate.  The reality of precognition is clear, as summarized by the statistician, Dr. Jessica Utts. 

1ARV is a RV application and protocol involving Unitary ARV.

Unitary ARV

The idea of Unitary ARV has been explored by others.  I do not have a complete list, but there are two articles in that discuss ARV wagering applications, including Unitary ARV, that are worth reading:

  1. "Remote Viewing outcomes for fun and profit", or "How to be a Zen monk while in Las Vegas", by Don Walker in EightMartinis Issue 2.
  2. "TRAILMARKERS IN THE FOREST: Results From Two Team ARV Trials", by Jon Knowles in EightMartinis Issue 4.

As the name implies, Unitary ARV has only one potential Target that is rigidly associated with one future potential Outcome.  Examples include:

In UARV, an Indicator PhotoSite* (IPS) is the potential Target.  If the Outcome occurs, i.e. the Outcome is actualized, then the IPS is actualized as the Target and sent/shown to the RVer as FeedBack (FB).  If the Unitary Outcome does not occur, then there is no Target to show...there is nothing to declare as a Target.

In Unitary ARV, there is no entangled 2nd PhotoSite to displace to!  There is only one IPS which you may or may not see as FB. Your task during your RV Session for coordinate 123456 is to view and describe your future FB Session for coord 123456.

The coding for Unitary ARV is in place as an option in the PRECOG program. The binary approach is still available for those who are still working to stop personal displacement in a binary mode - go for it.  However, we strongly urge you to do sessions with the UARV approach, and especially with the 1ARV approach.   Free access to PRECOG is available using username "1ARV" and password "1ARV" ... have fun.

1ARV (1 Associative Remote Viewing)

1ARV involves multiple independent Unitary ARV predictions on every "Side" of a sports or financial event/wager.  Each prediction is based on an association, i.e. an entanglement, between the Remote Viewing Session and the associated FeedBack Session.

For now, we are focusing on events that have two Sides or potential outcomes, e.g., a sports game has a total of Over/Under X points, or a financial trade may be Up/Down during a specific time period.  The sports or financial events are secondary to the more important objective of developing "Personal Precognition" skills which is Remote Influencing yourSelf (RIS) skills

1ARV is all about reliably predicting the future using intuition.  This is called precognition.  RIS is all about influencing your present from your future.  You learn to influence your Remote Viewing Session from your FeedBack Session.  To enhance reliability, the 1ARV protocol includes RV and FB Sessions for both Sides of a binary event.

The 1ARV mind set and basic philosophy is shown below and follows directly from the psi Vibration Model where a Universe of Collective Consciousness (UCC) is developed.  This UCC is based on the assumption that "Consciousness is The Fundamental".

"Describe what I need " is a simple Tasking Cue showing importance and yet light-ness.  This cue is similar to what Joe McMoneagle often uses "Describe what my Tasker needs", except now the viewer is in charge at all levels, including being the tasker!

In Group 1ARV, a Group of RVers take on predicting the Outcome of a Future Event - for example, Up vs. Down in one day in a financial instrument.  Redundancy is built into the Group Prediction to increase the reliability.  A single Group 1ARV precognitive prediction consists of two RV and two FB sessions from each viewer.

The RV Session has as its primary intention to gather information from the FB Session.  The FB Session has as its primary intention to share, or entangle, information with the RV Session.  The truth is known at the FB Session and it is thus the perfect opportunity to Remotely Influence your earlier Self (RIS).  Thus, there is real meaning to the phrase, "1ARV Begins with the FeedBack Session".

In 1ARV, FB is considered critical. We recognize that FB is not necessary, but we designed the 1ARV protocol to encourage meaningful and fun FB sessions to make the precognition easier, more reliable, and encourage long-term growth/transformation in the RIS area of personal consciousness!

Increasing individual reliability will obviously increase the group reliability.  The RIS perspective of remotely influencing  the RV Session from the perspective of the FB Session is emphasized in 1ARV.  Each Outcome has its own Indicator PhotoSite (IPS).  The IPS associated with the Outcome that actually happens is the PhotoSite Target that will be shown to all the viewers on that side.  Thus, with many viewers RISing the same feedback, we expect to get many matches with the IPS that becomes the viewer's PhotoSiteTarget.

Let's take the example of two possible Outcomes, say Up vs Down.  If the Up Outcome occurs, then everyone on the Up Side will see the Up IPS as their FB Target and viewers on the Down Side will get a "wildcard".  Similarly, if the Down Outcome occurs, then everyone on the Down Side will see the Down IPS as their FB Target and viewers on the Up Side will get a "wildcard". 

The "wildcards" will lead to individual FB Sessions having no general correlation to that associated IPS. Here is what a WildCard looks like in a FB email:

An Analyst/Judge (AJ) looks at all the RVer's transcript for each possible Outcome, and based on the quality of matches with the IPS, he/she evaluates whether the RVer did or did not describe the IPS.  If the IPS is described well, the viewer is assumed to have made contact with the IPS as the Target during a FeedBack Session.  The FB Session is the first future time that the viewer can physically see and interact with the IPS.

Here are several suggestions for WildCard FB Sessions ... remember, the viewer is in charge.  The specific intention for your FB Session is up to you, hey, it is your WildCard.  The WC session is for your benefit and designed by you.  Suggestions include:

• Describe/Sketch a PhotoSite* (PS)
–Use random PS from our collection of over 7500 by clicking here:
   Each click will bring up a new PS.
–Use random PS from Google Image Search, e.g., put in your coordinate and use first PS listed.
–Use random PS from sealed envelopes - choose one randomly.
• Intend and expect an answer to any Question/Issue of interest to you.   Put many of these in sealed envelopes and choose randomly.
• Use sealed envelopes with a mixture of PSs and Questions - choose one randomly.
• Open Session - let your sub provide whatever it wants to provide.


* PhotoSite (PS) refers to the particular location at the particular time the Photo was taken. Consciousness is expected to "move" to that Site at the time the photo was taken and to describe/sketch what can be readily verified or inferred from the photo - visuals, shapes, sounds, smells, tastes, tactile sensations, etc.

** We thank Jeff Mishlove for the use of his beautiful Yin Yang art piece, "Seeds of Ecstasy".


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